The Evolutionary Healthcare Experience

Evolutionary Healthcare specializes in retainer medicine, a personalized healthcare model designed to enhance doctor-patient relationships, improve the patient experience, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle. Retainer medicine also referred to as ‘Direct Primary Care’ or ‘Concierge Healthcare’ is personalized primary care designed to meet patients’ individual health needs.

We provide a full range of primary and family care including dermatology, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics and general preventive care. We have expertise in evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic physical and mental problems. The benefits of our retainer program are listed below. Our retainer program is an investment in your most important asset, your health.



Around-the-clock Availability  – 24/7 access to your doctor via phone, text, and email

Preferred Scheduling  – Often immediate, same-day or next-day appointments

No WaitingAppointments begin promptly as scheduled and are not hurried. We understand the value of your time

Proactive Prevention PlanComprehensive preventive care, long-term health, and wellness planning including, health risk appraisal with body biometrics (BMI, body fat %)

Direct Communication  –Direct phone access to our medical assistants during office hours

Timely Follow-up  – Prompt follow-up on all tests and exams

Personal Attention  – Appointments may be scheduled for an extended time allowing ample time to discuss any concerns with your physician

House calls – At home or place-of-business visits from the doctor as medically needed

In-Office Amenities – Convenience of in-office blood draws, immunizations, x-rays, EKG, and acute procedures

Seamless Specialist and Referral Process – Complete coordination of care and scheduling assistance with specialists, referral appointments, hospital admission

Executive Physical Exam  – Thorough annual medical examination including: comprehensive screenings, diagnostics, extensive medical review, and health risk analysis

Travel Medical Services  – Review of your travel itinerary, arrangement for necessary vaccinations and access to relevant clinical information.

Relaxed Setting – The high ceilings, natural light, and rotating artwork cultivate a refreshing and tranquil environment

Access to Precision Medicine  – We collaborate with companies offering advanced testing and more detailed studies. These results may include genetics testing, extensive body imaging, a thorough analysis of gut flora, and more refined lab testing. By doing so we can construct a more detailed and precise understanding of one’s hidden diagnoses or better understand risks or even find treatment options that standard medicine may not deliver.

Who should consider
becoming a retainer patient?


  • Membership is open to people of all ages: individuals, couples, entire families with adult children and grandchildren
  • Anyone who has a desire for optimal health and transformative care
  • Those who want more aggressive management of chronic issues
  • All who desire efficient care and 24/7 access
  • Desire collaborative, proactive care
  • Seeking highly skilled health advocacy
  • See the value of concierge access for your family, children, or grandchildren
  • Complex medical needs

Complimentary Meeting

You can schedule a complimentary meeting with Dr. Osborn or Dr. Gay to discuss the benefits of our concierge medical practice. We want you to have every complete confidence that our practice and this membership suit your needs. To schedule, please call (801) 591-2461. Nothing is more important than your health. Whether you have an urgent medical issue, are managing a chronic illness or just want to do all you can to age well with health and vitality, the Evolutionary Healthcare experience offers a new way of healing and wellness.

Our Programs

    Our concierge doctors help patients properly manage and maintain weight loss while improving lifestyles. Our services include:

    • Comprehensive baseline health evaluation, including our state of the art body composition scale
    • Connecting and coordinating you with our favorite health coaches, and trainers
    • Working directly with a certified nutritionist to create a dietary plan that fits your unique health and lifestyle goals
    • Developing a personalized health and wellness plan based on baseline evaluation, while addressing medical, nutritional and fitness goals with an integrated program to achieve these goals
    • Address any life challenges that could be hindering achieving health goals
    • Quarterly re-evaluation of health status and wellness plan goals
    • Utilization of physical therapists and orthopedists for more complex musculoskeletal injuries
    • Long-term support to keep fitness and nutrition goals on track

    We provide comprehensive and personalized healthcare to aging adults. Our services address your general medical care including:

    • Chronic disease management
    • Acute care needs
    • Ongoing memory testing
    • Monitoring medications
    • Assessment of physical capabilities to maximize aerobic, balance and flexibility
    • Coordination of care and scheduling with specialists
    • Counseling and assistance in care oversight and help in finding independent or assisted living situations

    We offer corporate health programs to improve health and inspire wellness within the workplace. We provide custom-designed health services for small businesses from 10-100 employees who are self-insured and have high deductible plans with HSA benefits. This unique and rapidly growing model helps businesses lower overall healthcare costs, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, develops a health-oriented culture and provides a recruiting, retention and job-satisfaction advantage. Our services include:

    • In-Office appointments to save time and increase access
    • Longer and more comprehensive health exams
    • Yearly vaccinations and immunizations for the whole staff
    • Presentations on various health topics or concerns if requested