EHC provides a full range of Primary and Family Care including dermatology, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics and general preventive care.

Our Primary and Family Care program includes:

  • Complete wellness evaluations for all age groups with health risk assessments
  • Expertise in evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic physical and mental problems
  • Broad array of services including dermatology assessment, minor orthopedic injuries and management, various procedures such as vasectomy, minor gynecologic procedures, reproductive management and pulmonary testing.
  • In-Clinic blood draws, EKG’s and X-rays
  • Referral to specialists with whom we can coordinate complex medical problems
  • Prescriptions filled remotely and instantly, often without an appointment
  • Assistance with travel immunizations, specific risks and treatments
  • Urgent care during and after hours

Conditioning and Weight Loss

EHC’s Conditioning and Weight Loss Program includes all of the primary and family care services plus:

  • State of the Art body composition scales (to determine % body fat, % of water and % of lean body mass
  • Comprehensive health evaluation and plan including:

    • Full physical
    • Blood, urine and appropriate genetic testing
    • EKG and stress testing if indicated
    • Pulmonary function testing
    • Nutritionist for advice on supplementation or calculation of calorie needs
  • Trainers for flexibility, balance, aerobic activity and weight management
  • Physical Therapist for injury rehab or recommended exercise program to prevent injuries
  • Sport medicine and orthopedists for more complicated musculoskeletal injuries

Aging Well

Our Aging Well Program includes all of the primary and family care services plus:

  • Comprehensive and focused control of chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia
  • Specific focus on risk reduction of strokes and heart attacks using evidence based screening and treatment plans
  • Cancer reduction through routine screen and integrating genetic testing when appropriate
  • Ongoing memory testing (informal and formal testing options)
  • Assessment of physical capabilities to maximize aerobic, balance and flexibility to promote activity and prevent falls and injuries
  • Counseling on independent living at home or in communities
  • Assistance in finding and overseeing care in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
  • Counsel on issues surrounding living wills and end of life care

Direct Primary Care Corporate Plans

EHC provides excellent primary and family care for smaller corporations:

  • Small businesses from 10 -100 employees who are self-insured to have high deductible plans with HSA benefits
  • Employers who want to provide their employees with lower cost primary care
  • Monthly fee is required based on size of group
  • No co-insurance or co-pays are required
  • No charges for office visit or basic diagnostic test are required.