At EHC, our physicians provide excellent medical care for a wide variety of patients such as:

  • Healthy individuals who want to remain in good health and experience a close doctor- patient relationship.
  • Individuals with chronic illnesses and/or people who need coordinated referral care.
  • Individuals of all ages who want immediate access to doctors when and where they need it – no more trips to Urgent Care.
  • Patients who travel and are in need of immunization record review, prescriptions, documentation and coordinating your care should you become ill or be injured while traveling.
  • Patients who want the comfort of being able to ask their doctor questions when they arise and not feel guilty about calling “after hours” unsure of the severity of their symptoms. Individuals who enjoy longer appointments so that we can address all your issues and allow time to discuss and implement preventive and wellness care.
  • Busy professionals who have demanding schedules and can’t afford to wait to see their doctor.
  • Parents who need immediate access to care or need advice for their children.