Acute Care


Evolutionary Healthcare offers an acute care clinic on weekdays, from 11:30AM to 2PM, to help accommodate urgent needs of our patients. This development is in response to the growing needs and desires of our patients to get seen quickly for acute and minor issues that need a medical professional, without demanding significant time from our doctors.

Allows quick access  – Helps avoid urgent care or emergency center care

Continuous feedback to doctor  – Regarding acute issues, smooth flow of information in-house

Lower RisksBoth financially and medically. The patient no longer has to go outside our system for care


For Acute Care, please call the office at 801-519-2461

  • We offer diagnosis and treatment for sore throat (rapid strep and mono testing), influenza (flu) testing, upper respiratory or bladder infections, simple skin evaluations for sudden injury or rashes, ENT and conjunctivitis evaluations, assessment of minor sprains and wounds, and vaccinations for flu, pertussis, hepatitis, pneumonia, and shingles

  • Our medical assistant will do initial assessment and the doctor will then be available to further assess and treat as needed.

  • Cost will be typical co-pay and deductible costs will also apply as per your insurance policy.


As medicine evolves and patient expectations advance, Evolutionary Healthcare now offers a telemedicine option for acute care issues that develop after hours or on weekends that patients feel cannot wait until weekday. By going to the telemedicine icon on our home web page you can request a telemedicine appointment.  . The doctor will use FaceTime option to better observe your acute condition or help plan next step of your acute dilemma

  • For a $50 charge, this service will allow a patient access to our doctors’ medical expertise to help decide if the acute problem can wait for an appointment, needs emergent or urgent care, or can be managed by careful questioning, discussion, and treatment.

  • Starting with a simple click and requesting an appointment time, your doctor will contact you through a facetime system to better observe your acute condition and help plan the next step of your acute treatment.

For Acute Care, please call the office at 801-519-2461